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Pilar Oliva

Realtor & Partner
Pilar Oliva is a founding partner of Vesta Property Group alongside her husband Giovanni. She was born and raised in Pasadena, in fact, her mother could very well be “The little old lady from Pasadena.” Having studied at SDSU and graduated from CSUN with a BS in Finance & Real estate in 2005 she somehow found herself traveling across America as a Sales Representative for a cigar company.

In 2010 Pilar and her husband embarked on a journey back to Giovanni’s hometown of London where they set up a property consultancy that serviced investors from all over the Middle East and Europe. She was able to gain an un-paralleled wealth of knowledge dealing with many commercial and residential real estate deals from Royal Scottish Castles converted to high end hotels to helping clients sell their residential or vacation properties in Spain and Greece.

Another area of the business was helping clients enter the US market, due to her local knowledge she was able to successfully aid overseas investors to grow their international property portfolios.

After having two beautiful boys abroad Pilar and her family decided to move back to sunny California to be close to family and to conquer the local market. She has a passion for real estate and looks forward to helping you with your next home or investment.

Direct Line: 626-394-4704
E-Mail: pilar@vesta-propertygroup.com

Giovanni Oliva

Director of Sales & Marketing
Giovanni is a partner of VPG, and for the last 20 years, he has been helping clients manage their investment portfolios including real estate, life insurance and hard assets. He is very much an entrepreneur and a family man, he lives in Los Angeles but was born to Italian & British parents near London.

Combining British charm and Italian passion, he has developed a style that is unique and sought after as an expert in both the global financial arena and the US real estate market. Thinking of himself as a lifelong student, he is always looking for new topics to study and for new lessons to learn. Reading is one of his favourite things to do in his downtime, as he enjoys improving himself in any way that he can. His hobbies include, cooking, soccer, boxing, golf, and cross-fit.

Giovanni has accrued more than twenty years of experience in global sales and marketing in both the real estate and financial sectors, in addition to an extensive digital marketing background.
The thing he is most passionate about in life is helping others. He is focused on high-quality service and on getting his clients what they need in order to fulfil their dreams and goals. Over the years, he has owned a number of businesses, each one teaching him valuable lessons that he has carried over into his life in real estate.

He specialises in negotiations, property investment, property sales consulting and property marketing.

One of his business partners in VPG is Pilar Oliva, who also happens to be his wife, and the backbone of his successes. Together they have two wonderful sons named Rocco & Luca who keep them focused on achieving for their clients on a daily basis!

Direct Line: 626-437-9417
E-Mail: giovanni@vesta-propertygroup.com

Dyanna G. Henderson

Realtor & Partner
It is rare to find someone from the Millennium generation who understands the value of knowing the data as an integral part of their personal knowledge bank instead of just someone who can find it with Google.

Dyanna Henderson has that creative spark which emanates from an intellectual pursuit of personal knowledge, without the "analysis paralysis" that plagues mere data hounds.

She has always been a cheerleader for life and knows how to encourage her clients to take the next step in a calculated, risk averse manner that relies on more than a leap of faith.

At the same time, from personal family experience, Dyanna knows that it takes courage and the ability to see around the corners to apprehend the trends of opportunity before it is too late. Nothing ventured, nothing gained is a mantra that allowed her family to create personal wealth during an era
of financial loss and turmoil.

Her father had what the Navaho Indians call "long eyes" and she learned tenacity and commitment from her mother. It is also important to know when an idea has lost its viability, which again means understanding timing and data in an intimate way.

She has the degrees, the training, the zest for life and appreciation of distinguishing real from just shallow floss. Dyanna Henderson is not just another real estate agent or dilettante. She can help you accomplish your goals in life, not just make money on the margins of life.

Direct Line: 626-388-5350
E-Mail: dyannasalez@gmail.com

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